About Us

The story of our kennel



I've been always crazy for animals. Since I was 3 years old, I always had animals in my life, dogs, even horses or cats. I've been doing horse riding for 10 years and there was a period, when I was a coach and had a horse also. Despite this, I did a lifelong decision that I will deal with dogs in my leisure time. My first dog was a supercute Cocket spaniel, we were cup and can, but she left us at the age of 12, because of tragical illness. We were so heartbroken, but couldn't exist without a dog, so after not so long we bought a Golden retriever, Lisa, and a Dachshound, Mázli. Actually Lisa was the main cause for me to fell in love with this breed. Her wonderful temperament and love for children were absolutely amazing, and I decided that if I had a dog once in the future, it will be only that breed. 

Lisa is not a purebred dog, doesn't have pedigree, we don't know her parents and relatives, so now we haven't got any information about her family's health. Due to this fact, over time some supposedly genetic-origin illnesses appeared in her. She got through many operations and treatments, and I hardly see her suffering. That was the point which opened my eyes, no way, a dog cannot live like this! Really important to know the relative's health and genetic specificity, because it will effect our dog's life also. This way reducing genetic-illnesses' appearance became possible. A started collecting information about purebred dogs and breeding, finally I found Dr. Eszter Bárdossy, the breeder of kennel Shamrock, also this way I would like to say thank you for our kennel's founder bitch, Zara (Shamrock Jungle Voice). With Zara I started participating on dogshows is 2017. Both of us were beginners, but over time we get the run of it and I fell in love with this life. Meanwhile, we discovered the world of retriever-working, now we regularly have trainings, love working together. By the effect of all these, I decided to be a breeder and work with such fantastic dogs like Zara. 

Our kennel is located in Hungary, Biatorbágy, which is a little town close to the capital city (20 km). It gets bigger year by year, furthermore able to keep its good air, quiet forests, green areas, nice lakes and streams. Without doubt, perfect place for dogs.

Considering my qualification, I finished on Szent István University Budapest as a Horticultural Engineer, now I am a student of Plant Protection Engineer MSc, in the same school. I have a horse-trainer certification and successfully did a dog-breeder course organised by MEOESZ Hungary. 

My purpose for lifetime is to preserve Golden retriever breed in such a way as it can be able to use in its original competence as a gundog, and a family-dog because of their amazing temperament. Very important for me that every puppy which has been born in our kennel get to the appropiate families to have as much happiness as it is possible with their new owners. 


 Bernadett Szabó