After the successful meeting, ultrasound showed pregnancy. We are ecpecting our next litter at the end of April, 2021.

2020.08.23. Szilvásvárad

14-15-16. 02. 2020.

Zara and Sky puppies tried themselves out at their first dogshow. 

Budapest, Hungexpo

09. 09. 2019.

Litter 'A'  babies were born ! 

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About Us

I've always been crazy for animals, especially for dogs. This breed came into my life early, and soon I couldn't imagine my life without them. Our dogs are taking a really honoured part of our family, actually they are family-members.

A dog is a kind of creature of Earth, who is a true companion of humans, would never let you down, makes you happy and helps you out in any kind of situations, so makes your life whole. This is the gift what we get, so our responsibility to repay it to them in so much love and caring. It starts from the moment when this 8 weeks old beauty moves to our family, and lasts for 15 years. Our fantastic owners have the same point of view of having a dog and they raise up the puppies also in the spirit of that.